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In this blog article I want to explain the Webmin interface. How to install Webmin can be found in this well done tutorial: https://timobihlmaier.de/webmin-als-webinterface-auf-dem-raspberry-pi-installieren/.

Install Webmin

Webmin is an interface that allows you to easily manage the Raspberry Pi system and perform many tasks that would otherwise have to be done via the terminal, i.e. via the command lines.

With Webmin you simply have a very convenient way to make many settings on the Raspberry Pi. I have installed Webmin and log in normally with my login data.

Webmin interface

If you have installed Webmin, you can access it by entering the IP address of your Raspberry Pi into the browser, followed by a colon and the number 10000. After that you will already see the Webmin interface.

Now you can see all the data about your Raspberry Pi, i.e. the current load and so on. I have e.g. 21 percent CPU usage. Apart from that we see the memory usage and so on. So there is a lot of data to discover about your Raspberry Pi.

You can make a lot of different settings about the Raspberry Pi on the interface. One possibility is that you can install new programs, which you would otherwise have to install via the command line.

Install programs

Look under the tab "System" -> "Software Packages", if the Apache TP Server is already installed? No, it is not installed yet. Then I would install Apache as a test. If you want to do this, go to 'Package from APT' and search for the word "Apache".

Then you get an overview of the results and you can install "Apache 2" with the click of a button. This is how easy it is to install programs. You can also use Webmin to easily access the system logs or create and add new users. Webmin is a very handy interface that will make it much easier for you to manage your Raspberry Pi.

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