Raspberry Pi Operating System

Raspberry Pi Operating System

Raspberry Pi Operating System

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Raspberry Pi operating system explained in detail. In this article I want to explain what you can already do with the Raspberry Pi after the first Raspberry Pi operating system start.

Raspberry Pi operating system user interface

First a very important fact I want to clear up in advance. The Raspberry Pi operating system (formerly Raspbian, now Raspberry Pi OS), which is based on Debian Linux, has a normal graphical user interface, like you are used to from other operating systems. Therefore you can start using the Raspberry Pi right from the first Raspberry Pi OS startup in a familiar way.

Internet browser

There is e.g. also a normal internet browser, with which you can surf the internet immediately, once the WLAN connection is established. The internet browser is based on a version of Google Chrome. If you already use this browser on other operating systems, the operation will be exactly the same under the Raspberry Pi operating system.

File management

There is also a file explorer, which allows you to browse the files stored on the Raspberry Pi SD card normally. Just like you are used to from any other computer operating system. So also in this point there will be no big change for you. Except the icons are designed a little bit different than maybe in other operating systems. However, you will intuitively find your way around the Raspberry Pi operating system file manager very quickly.

Standard software

Otherwise, there is the preinstalled standard software like the calculator, terminal, a program to open PDF files, the task manager, text editors and so on. Also on board is a complete office package from LibreOffice, with which you can open normal office files such as .doc or .xls files.

This all works at a nice speed on the Raspberry Pi, even though the computer is so insanely small. Furthermore there are other programs on the Raspberry Pi like the VLC Media Player with which you can directly open and play all multimedia files under the Raspberry Pi operating system.  

Programming with Scratch

Another preinstalled program is Scratch. With Scratch we understand the idea behind the Raspberry Pi Foundation better, so the simple approach to topics like programming. With Scratch you can very easily develop programs with text blocks that you can simply drag back and forth.


Another program that is pre-installed on the Raspberry Pi operating system is called Thonny. Thonny is a text-based programming tool that allows you to develop Python programs and run them immediately on the Raspberry Pi operating system. You can find Thonny in the Raspberry Pi operating system start menu under the item "Development".

So much for pre-installed software in the Raspberry Pi operating system. As you can already see, the Raspberry Pi operating system is a normal operating system. As already briefly mentioned, it is based on Debian Linux.

Therefore it is also possible to run normal programs on it. You will notice at the first start that the whole thing works very fast, too. Just because the Raspberry Pi's board is so small doesn't mean that programs or the Raspberry Pi operating system won't respond quickly.

Do you want to buy a Raspberry Pi? Then I have compiled all the components you need to get started with the Raspberry Pi operating system in the following list. 

Raspberry Pi + accessories overview:

Raspberry Pi 4 with 4GB RAM (Link)*
Raspberry Pi 4 with 2GB RAM (Link)*
Raspberry Pi 4 with 1GB RAM (Link)*
Raspberry Pi 3B+ with 1GB RAM (Link)*
Raspberry Pi Zero with 1GB RAM incl. WIFi (Link)*

8GB SD card (Link)*
16GB SD card (Link)*
32GB SD card (Link)*
64GB SD card (Link)*
128GB SD card (Link)*

Raspberry Pi camera module without infrared (link)*
Raspberry Pi camera module with infrared (link)*

37 Sensors Starter Kit from SunFounder (link)*
39 Sensors Kit from Quimat (link)*

Official Raspberry Pi power supply (link)*

Raspberry Pi 4 Starter Kit (link)*
Raspberry Pi 3B+ Starter Kit (link)* 

* = Affiliate Link (raspi-config.com) is participant of the affiliate program of Amazon USA, which is designed to provide a commission for websites to earn advertising fees by placing ads and links to Amazon.com).

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