Raspberry Pi OS Download

Raspberry Pi OS Download

Raspberry Pi OS Download

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In this article, we are going to talk about the Raspberry Pi OS download and installation.

Raspberry Pi OS download explained in detail

First of all, you need to download the Raspberry Pi OS from the manufacturer's website. You can find different Raspberry Pi OS downloads for the Raspberry Pi on the official website raspberrypi.org under "Downloads". I will now explain the different Raspberry Pi OSes briefly one by one, so that you know which Raspberry Pi OS download you can work with best.


One variant to set up the Raspberry Pi is the installation program NOOBS. This is not a separate Raspberry Pi OS. It is just a helpful graphical interface that is very good for setting up and setting up the Raspberry Pi as a beginner.

Via NOOBS you can download the Raspberry Pi OS very comfortable. But also other OSes like LIBRElec can be downloaded and installed very easily via NOOBS. NOOBS is the easiest way to download an OS for the Raspberry Pi and set it up quickly.

Image with desktop and recommended software

Another Raspberry Pi OS download is 'Raspberry Pi OS with desktop and recommended software', which you can also find on the manufacturer's download website. Raspberry Pi OS is the latest version of the Raspberry Pi OS.

Previously, the different Raspberry Pi OS versions had different names with each new update. And 'with desktop' means the Raspberry Pi OS is installed with a graphical user interface activated after startup. Some other programs are also pre-installed directly with it. So this is the Raspberry Pi OS variant, which should be quite suitable for beginners. 

Image with desktop without software

Then there is the Raspberry Pi OS variant 'Raspberry Pi OS with desktop'. This is the same image as the one I explained above, except that here the recommended software is not pre-installed, but has to be installed separately. You can use this Raspberry Pi OS image if you don't want to use office programs but still want to have a graphical user interface. 

Image without desktop and without software

Raspberry Pi OS Lite' is a minimal version of the Raspberry Pi OS. This version is well suited for low power devices like the Raspberry Pi Zero. This Raspberry Pi OS version has no activated graphical user interface.

So the OS has to be operated via the command line. Again, no recommended software is pre-installed, but must be installed individually via the command line. This image should rather be used by experienced users, because the requirement is that you can handle and work with terminal commands. 

Image for installation on the PC

Then there is the version 'Raspberry Pi OS with Raspberry Pi Desktop' on the Raspberry Pi website. This is a version that you can install for example on your own laptop, in virtual machines or on your PC to get an easy feeling for the Raspberry Pi OS, even if you don't own a raspberry Pi yet. 

More Raspberry Pi OS Download Images

Then you can download more Raspberry Pi OS images from the Raspberry Pi download page. These are special versions, among others an "Internet of Things" variant of Windows 10 or also an Ubuntu variant especially for the raspberry Pi. However, we will not deal with these further in this article. In the next article, we will deal specifically with NOOBS and how to set up the Raspberry Pi with it.

Otherwise you can use the Raspberry Pi OS version of your choice. Now the Lite version is not necessarily the best choice to start with. You might only need this version if you have a pre-programmed or pre-developed solution later on and just want to run it without a user interface. Then you don't need to install the whole system with user interface later and save memory to be used.

Do you want to buy a Raspberry Pi? Then I have compiled all the components you need to get started with the Raspberry Pi OS in the following list. 

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