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After I told you in the previous article which Raspberry Pi models are available, now I want to tell you in this article where you can buy Raspberry Pi accessories and which Raspberry Pi accessories are recommended.

Raspberry Pi 4 or 3B+

The Raspberry Pi 4 or 3B+ are as of 2020 the two most current Raspberry Pi models and are available for example at Amazon, but can otherwise also be purchased at many other tech retailers.

Raspberry Pi 4 with 4GB RAM (link)*.
Raspberry Pi 4 with 2GB RAM (Link)*
Raspberry Pi 4 with 1GB RAM (Link)*
Raspberry Pi 3B+ with 1GB RAM (Link)*
Raspberry Pi Zero with 1GB RAM incl. WIFi (Link)*

Micro-SD card

In addition to the Raspberry Pi you need a Micro-SD card. I recommend a 32 gigabyte SD card for sufficient storage capacity. You can get that from Amazon as well. An 8 or 16GB card will also work, but will run out quickly if you experiment a bit more with the Raspberry Pi. The Raspberry Pi can also easily handle a 128GB card, but then it gets quite expensive.

Link to the 8GB SD card*
Link to the 16GB SD card*
Link to the 32GB SD card*
Link to the 64GB SD card*
Link to the 128GB SD card*

Very importantly, when you buy an SD card, pay attention to the classification. The 32GB SD card mentioned above has a class 10 rating, which is necessary to ensure reliable read and write speeds. So be sure to pay attention if you buy a different card than my Raspberry Pi accessory recommendations.

Camera module

Another Raspberry Pi accessory is the camera module, which is officially developed by the Raspberry Pi Foundation. You can find this camera module either on the official Raspberry Pi website (raspberrypi.org) or on Amazon.

By the way, there are two different versions of the camera module. There is a version with infrared sensor and without. You can use the camera at night, for example as an infrared surveillance camera.

Link to the Raspberry Pi camera module (without infrared)*
Link to the Raspberry Pi camera module (with infrared)*

Sensors and Modules

Another very useful Raspberry Pi accessory is the sensor package from SunFounder. It contains 37 sensors for different applications.

It contains numerous extensions for the Raspberry Pi, for example a remote control or a small LCD display. But also sensors of different kinds, among other things a plug-in board and cable connections.

With this kit you can do a lot of experiments and Raspberry Pi projects.

Link to the 37 Sensors Starter Kit from SunFounder*.

Another recommended Raspberry Pi sensor package is the 39 Sensors Starter Kit from Quimat. Again, there are quite different types of sensors. Also small displays, temperature sensors, light sensitivity sensors and so on and so forth are again included.

Link to the 39 Sensors Kit from Quimat*

Official Raspberry Pi power supply

A very important topic, which you should not neglect, is the power supply for the Raspberry Pi. Theoretically you can connect any Micro-USB charging cable to the Raspberry Pi.

However, the Raspberry Pi can only handle a certain voltage, or must have a certain voltage to work at all. Otherwise you will get a constant "Undervoltage Error Message" on the screen. This indicates that the power supply is too low. So the Raspberry Pi can't run at all or only with limited CPU clock.

I run my Raspberry Pi with an iPad charger for example. This has enough voltage. There is an official power supply from the Raspberry Pi Foundation, which you can order. 

Link to the official Raspberry Pi power supply*.

There are also chargers from other manufacturers that you can use to power the Raspberry Pi. Of course it is always recommended to use the official power supply. Also recommended regarding security etc. 

Raspberry Pi 4 and 3B+ Starter Kit

So much for the overview of the Raspberry Pi accessories and where you can buy a Raspberry Pi. In general, there are many Raspberry Pi Starter Packs available, which already contain various accessories.

It is worth to compare the prices to the single purchase. For example, they already include a charger, a micro SD card and additional cases for the Raspberry Pi, if you don't want to have the board open?

Link to the Raspberry Pi 4 Starter Kit*
Link to the Raspberry Pi 3B+ Starter Kit* 

* = Affiliate Link (raspi-config.com) is participant of the affiliate program of Amazon USA, which is designed to provide a commission for websites to earn advertising fees by placing ads and links to Amazon.com).

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